Prostate Essence 60 ct

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High potency beta-sitosterol formula to support healthy prostate function


Promotes healthy prostate function and urinary health.*

Supports lean muscle mass, sexual interest, and performance.*

Pure plant beta-sitosterol from pine bark.


Take 2 capsules daily with food and water.

The Prostate

The prostate is a small gland shaped like a doughnut. The urethra runs through its center. When the prostate’s size is normal, the urethra is unrestricted, and urine flows through it freely.

In the modern world, inflammation of the prostate seems to be an inevitable part of the male aging process. According to western medicine, this occurs because older men convert more testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes the tissues of the prostate to enlarge. When this happens, physicians are quick to prescribe drugs. Because these drugs may present undesirable side effects, many men prefer a more natural approach.

Holistic health disciplines hold that prostate enlargement stems from the gradual depletion of energies known as Qi and Kidney Essence. Lack of these energies is thought to reduce blood flow, which causes blood to stagnate in prostate tissues. It is this stagnant blood that is thought to cause the inflammation that enlarges the prostate. These issues can be gradually resolved with a gentle blend of botanicals that are safe for daily use.

Benefits of Beta-Sitosterol

In Europe, physicians routinely prescribe natural products for men with prostate symptoms. The most effective of these products is beta-sitosterol. In Great Britain alone, beta-sitosterol’s benefits have been described in major peer-reviewed medical journals such as the British Journal of Urology and The Lancet, as well as in Cochrane Reviews, a massive database summarizing worldwide medical research.

Beta-sitosterol benefits the prostate by inhibiting the production of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. This enzyme causes free testosterone to be converted to DHT. Not only does modern medicine believe that DHT causes prostate enlargement, but it is also implicated in male pattern baldness, the “spare tire” effect around the stomach, and reduced libido. Thus, men who use beta-sitosterol for prostate support may find that it also helps increase lean muscle mass, reduce fatty accumulations around the waist, and increase sexual interest and performance.

While studies show that 300 mg of daily beta-sitosterol is an ideal dose for prostate support, a high-quality saw palmetto capsule will provide only about 0.64 mg. This means you would need nearly 500 capsules a day! The alternative is to use pure beta-sitosterol, which can be easily extracted from the bark of pine trees. Using pure beta-sitosterol cuts the needed dose down to one or two capsules per day.


A Complete Prostate Support System*

Containing a unique and comprehensive blend of botanicals, vitamins, minerals (including zinc, selenium, and vitamin d), and fatty acids, ProstateEssence™ is designed to support healthy prostate function and healthy urinary patterns.*

ProstateEssence™ provides 180 mg of beta-sitosterol from pine bark PLUS vitamins, minerals, and a powerful blend of herbal extracts. Together these nutrients provide holistic support for a healthy prostate and smooth, easy, painless urination.*

ProstateEssence™, with its Beta-sitosterol and supporting herbs, will not just support prostate health, but will also support lean muscle mass, sexual interest, and performance.

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