Knowing Your Health Weaknesses

is as easy as looking me in the eye.

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This iridology assessment lasts about 90 minutes and can help you gain personal understanding about your health. You will leave with a detailed plan geared to your individual genetic health and wellness vulnerabilities. We will discuss the simple, natural steps you can take now to guard against health challenges.

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Life can be challenging.

But your health doesn't have to be as challenging when you learn what genetic tendencies are yours and how to nourish and care for your body more effectively.

Just to be clear...

Melanie is a certified Master Herbalist and Internationally Certified Iridologist. Her primary objective is to help you achieve optimal health and vitality consistent with your own goals. She believes that the human body is an amazing system and that through the proper use of whole foods, herbs and essential oils, and lifestyle choices we can maintain or return the body to a healthy state.

This is a consult Melanie Skelton. Melanie does not give medical assessment, diagnosis or treatment. She does not give advice about pharmaceuticals and medications at any time. Instead she works to help guide you to nutritional options that can help to bring your body into balance so that you do not need these. Always work with your medical provider when seeking answers to medications.