Melanie Skelton, Certified Master Iridologist & Master Herbalist

Iridology is the study of the color, pigmentation, and structure of the iris of the eye as they relate genetically through reflex response to the strengths and deficiencies of the body systems. 
This is  90 minute consultation, Cost is $80.00

What is Iridology?
In the simplest terms, iridology is the study of the iris to find potential genetic weaknesses.

The human eye is connected, through nerves, to every organ and gland in the body. The eye sees and then sends information to the brain. This is done along those nerve "tracks," which then continue to the rest of the body. Along those same nerve tracks, the body can send information to the eyes. Iridology is the study of the eye to find that information.

How can iridology help me?Studying the eye can help you understand the genetic tendencies you have been given. This is like a heads-up about what areas to support and to watch for your overall health. There are also times that the eye can point to issues in certain organs or glands.

What can I expect at an appointment?
Melanie, a Certified Iridologist, will take pictures of each of your eyes. She will then study the pictures as she talks to you about what she is seeing. You will leave with the next steps that you and she have worked out together. Plus, you will later receive a full iridology report.