5 Fun Ways to Use Califia Creamer

5 Fun Ways to Use Califia Creamer

When creamers are mentioned, I used to think only of putting them into coffee. Since I’m not a coffee drinker, I never really tuned into creamers. But I’ve discovered there are some pretty amazing ways to use–and enjoy–a creamer. Especially the Califia Creamers that are completely dairy-free because they are made from almonds.

Here are five fun ways to use your Califia Creamers.

Herbal Tea

Five tips for using Califia Creamers to make your herbal teas and breakfasts more exciting.

#1 – Relaxing Herbal Tea

I first learned about these creamers from a customer who asked us to stock them because she likes to put them into an herbal tea. I discovered it is a winning combination. Of course, you need to get the right flavors in combination. This is an herbal tea recipe that I like with the Hazelnut Creamer.

Boil 10 oz. of water.
Remove from heat and add:
— 1 teaspoon skullcap herb
— 1 teaspoon chamomile flowers
— 1 teaspoon stevia leaves
Let these steep for 10 minutes and then strain.

There are many options for straining. For years I’ve used a muslin type of dishtowel to strain my herbal teas. More recently I like to use this small strainer.

mesh tea strainer

Handy way to strain herbal tea.

Or the other option is to use a  mesh tea ball for steeping with no need to strain afterward. This amount of herbs will need a large tea ball. My favorite is the kind with the spring action because it does the best job of keeping the herbs inside the tea ball.

Another nice herbal tea option.

After you strain your herbal tea, add a tablespoon or two of the Hazelnut Califia Creamer and enjoy this relaxing treat.

#2 – Soothing Digestion Herbal Tea

This is an herbal tea to soothe that digestion, and it just tastes incredible.

Boil 10 oz. of water. Remove from heat and add:
— 1 teaspoon dandelion leaves
— 1 teaspoon stevia leaves
— 1 teaspoon hibiscus flower
— 1 teaspoon raspberry leaves
Let this steep for 10 minutes. Add one to two tablespoons of Califia Creamer. I like the vanilla best with this tea.

#3 – Added to Your Oatmeal

This method is simple. Just add Califia Creamer instead of milk to your oatmeal or any other hot cereal. I’ve tried both the vanilla and hazelnut and both are great. Here’s where I admit I’m totally a hazelnut fan, so that’s my favorite.

#4 – Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate

This is no ordinary hot chocolate. It’s a rich, creamy treat that is quick and easy to prepare.

— 3 cups Cadia Almond Milk
— 3 cups Califia Hazelnut Creamer
Heat until it is almost simmering.
Add 2 cups Lily’s Chocolate Chips.
Stir until these are melted together.
Add 1 teaspoon vanilla.
Serve with a scoop of SoDelicious Coco Whip on top.

#5 – With Your Granola

Creamer is so great on granola, but I prefer to add a little bit of Oat Milk too since the creamer is so thick. My favorite way is to add about half Califia Oat Milk and half creamer to my granola and then stir it up and enjoy.

You’ll have to consider which flavor is going to work best with your granola. The Chocolate Crunch granola we have in our bulk section is amazing with the Hazelnut creamer. However, I think the Cadia Blueberry Flax Granola would go best with the Vanilla creamer.