Thanksgiving Yams with a Twist

Looking for a yummy alternative to those sugar laden yams we traditionally serve on Thanksgiving with brown sugar and marshmallows? On our Facebook live video the other day we decided to try adding coconut oil to a baked yam. After the video we tried sprinkling beet crystals and hemp seeds on top.

The result?

I’m definitely making some of these for our Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Here’s the recipe.

Leave the skin on your yam and prick several holes through the skin with a sharp knife or a fork. Cook this in the microwave for about ten minutes. (Alternatively, you could bake these in the oven, which would be even better. Bake them just like you would a baked potato with the skin still on.)

Once your yam is soft and cooked through, peel it.

Add about a tablespoon of raw coconut oil (we used Dignity Coconuts which has a great video on their website about how this company has empowered many people in the Philippines).

Sprinkle the yam with Flora Beet Crystals and Sunfood Hemp Seeds. (We have all three of these great products in the store.)

The beet crystals are surprisingly sweet and super yummy. It adds a great flavor the the yams that compliments it well. The hemp seeds also add a great flavor and texture to the yams. By adding these foods to your yams this Thanksgiving you will boost your omegas and other nutrients instead of boosting the amount of sugar.


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