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Prime, Blend of 100% Pure Premium Grade, Certified Organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oils, 15 ml

PRIME Blend | Balancing, Relaxing | Purify Skin Therapy

I just had a massage and my Therapist used the Prime oil blend. We were both astounded at the response of the muscles. We usually spend a great deal of time on the neck, shoulders, and hips as there is a lot of tension in those areas. By applying the oil first we were able to work through the trouble spots much more efficiently and had better reaction from the muscles. I am eager to see what the long-term response will be. I am excited by the initial experience. -Jill

PRIME is a powerful blend of essential oils formulated by our Certified Clinical Aromatherapist to prime the body, structurally align the body, balance the body physically and energetically, it is also very useful for inflammation. The PRIME blend works in 5 ways:


1. This blend is formulated to prepare and balance the body
2. This is the blend that PRIMES the body for any bodywork, energy work, or emotional work
3. This is the ideal preparatory blend for any kind of bodywork
a. Massage
b. Foot zoning
c. Acupressure
d. Acupuncture
e. Energy work


1. Allows for physical relaxation
2. Releases tension being held deep in the muscles
3. Supports deep muscle relaxation - all the way down to where the muscles connect to the skeleton, allowing the whole body - muscles and skeleton - to straighten, balance, and align
4. This blend is like a chiropractor in a bottle for structural alignment and overall body balance


1. Prime helps restore the bodys own innate physical and energetic balance
2. Balances the body physically
3. Balances the body energetically
4. Fantastic to bring the body back into balance after strenuous exercise or hard manual labor
5. Prime can help ease and relax sore muscles

1. The essential oils used in PRIME are phenomenal for inflammation
2. Help soothe and bring down all kinds of inflammation
3. Apply to local areas
4. And helps eliminate inflammation systemic and body-wide (apply diluted to neck and spine, and soles of the feet)

1. Also grounds and balances your emotions
2. For emotional grounding and balancing the following applications are recommended: Inhalation, Diffusing, and Bathing with PRIME blend oil

Like with all our blends, this blend comes with a sheet of instruction on how to use it for best results.

  • This is a proprietary blend of 100% pure, certified organic and wildcrafted, premium grade essential oils: German Chamomile, Frankincense, Rosewood, Black Spruce, Balsam Fir, and Blue Tansy
  • This 15 ml Bottle of Essential Oil Contains Roughly 300 Drops, which means when you use only 1 to 5 drops per application, you get 60 to 300 applications. You can see this little bottle of essential oil goes a long way!
  • It also comes in a Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle. Cobalt blue bottles cost more, but your pristine essential oils are better protected against UV light rays and will stay fresher and last longer.
  • Most Essential Oils Do Expire. So the best way to keep your pristine essential oils fresh is to keep them away from: LIGHT, HEAT, and OXYGEN. The best way to do this is to use cobalt blue bottles with a label (not clear) that covers the bottle all the way around, always keep the lid firmly closed (never leave the lids off), and don't expose your oils to extreme heat (like don't leave your oils in a hot car in the summer). Doing these things will keep and preserve your essential oils fresher for a longer period of time.
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