Functional Chocolate Rhythm 1.75 oz

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Chocolate Bar formulated to assist with symptoms associated with PMS

Natural Ginger Snap Flavor

60% Cacao 

Having your balance rudely interrupted by PMS, mood swings, cramps, weight fluctuations and appetite changes is endlessly frustrating. Rhythm Chocolate incorporates a carefully selected blend of botanicals and vitamins to help restore harmony, including the patented ingredient, SaffSerene® (featuring saffron flowers grown in Turkey and Morocco) clinically shown to provide a 50% reduction in the severity of PMS symptoms, help support healthy mood, balance and stress levels.

Take a moment to enjoy the sweet taste of health with this chocolate ginger snap treat.



Consciously curated botanicals and clinically researched ingredients to power our Rhythm Chocolate for PMS.

Featured Ingredients

Evening Primrose Oil: Evening primrose oil has been reported by some women to help reduce symptoms including breast tenderness, feelings of depression, irritability, swelling and bloating from fluid retention.

Vitex (Chasteberry): This ingredient has traditionally been used for symptoms associated with PMS, reportedly addressing feelings of moodiness, breast tenderness, cramps, bloating, depression, headaches, and hormone balancing.

Organic D3 Mushroom Powder: Vitamin D3 has been shown to support a balance of proper hormone production, while D3 deficiency in women has been reported to lead to hormone imbalance. 

Wild Yam Extract: A popular extract that has been used for PMS related symptoms including bloating, cramps, and regulating hormone production.

Dong Quai Root Extract: Sometimes called the "female ginseng,” Dong Quai has been used for centuries to help relieve cramps, irregular menstrual cycles and infrequent periods.

Cramp Bark: As the name suggests, cramp bark is used to support issues related to relieving cramps, including muscle spasms, and menstrual cramps.

Maca: Maca has been praised to support proper hormone balancing, relieving menstrual discomfort, and normalize blood flow during menstruation.

Cinnamon Bark Extract: A popular extract that has been used to promote healthy glucose levels to stabilize sugar cravings, and also to combat PMS related symptoms such as menstrual discomfort and cramping.

PurGinger™: Ginger has been used for centuries in all cultures for its amazing wellness benefits. For symptoms related to PMS, ginger has been reported to promote a healthy response to menstrual cramps, digestive issues, nausea, and bloating.

Black Cohosh: Black Cohosh has been a popular ingredient for women's wellness that has been reported to support hormone-related symptoms, including premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual cramps, and menopausal symptoms.

SaffSerene® Saffron extract: This patented ingredient has been clinically researched, and is derived from Saffron. Saffron may help reduce PMS symptoms including anxiety, irritability, headaches, cravings and pain. It may also lower cortisol levels to promote a better response to cramping and discomfort.

PALMOL B-Complex®: B vitamins have proven time and time again to be so important in our overall health. It is not different with symptoms associated with PMS. This registered B complex may help promote positive mood and support emotional symptoms like depression and irritability. It may also help promote healthy red blood cell production.

Rhythm Chocolate Ingredient Label
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