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The best acne treatment doesn’t have to be a cream. Auminay Zit Zapper is oil-based because skin is, too. We use carefully chosen botanical oils that nourish the skin and help bring it back into balance.

For When Acne Shows Its Face

Skin problems are often caused by imbalance. Having a skin care routine in place helps to keep skin balanced and lessen future breakouts.

When acne shows its face, however, Zit Zapper aims to get acne under control so that skin can start functioning normally again. Apply to blemishes 3 – 5 times per day, only as a spot treatment.

Ingredient Benefits

The botanical oils we chose for this acne treatment absorb quickly and easily without clogging pores. To these, we’ve added carefully selected essential oils meant to address pimples directly.

Tea Tree is an easy choice when trying to put pimples in their place and keep them from returning. It is a natural ingredient that has been scientifically proven to treat all kinds of pimples.

We added lemon peel essential oil as an astringent that helps to tighten up pores and maintain clear, healthy skin. Chamomile is included for its balancing and soothing properties.

Other benefits that these natural ingredients add to cleansing, toning nourishment:

  • Fight free radicals to keep skin acting young
  • Reduce bacteria that slows skin mending
  • Fight inflammation

Ingredients: jojoba oil, black cumin oil, tea tree oil, vitamin e, lemon peel oil, rosemary oil, chamomile oil


Auminay Naturals products are created within Melanie’s Health & Nutrition in Tooele, Utah.


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