Shower Steamer – Menthol & Eucalyptus


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Shower Steamers are made with menthol and quality essential oils for a great aromatherapy experience. Breathe in the cool menthol, soothing eucalyptus, and uplifting rosemary to get a clear start to your day.

If you aren’t the bathing type, but you want that home aromatherapy experience, Shower Steamers are for you. They are like bath bombs for your shower. They are also known as Shower Melts, Shower Fizzies or Shower Bombs.

This listing is for seven Shower Steamers. Each can last your entire shower (about 10 minutes). They are wrapped in a protective foil to ensure that all the aromatherapy benefits get clear to your shower.

To use, remove foil and place one Shower Steamer on the floor of your shower. For best results put the Shower Steamer in a place where it is not in the direct stream of the shower, but the water is hitting it from time to time to release the aromatherapy benefits.

NOT FOR USE AS A BATH BOMB! Because of the high concentration of menthol and essential oils, these shower steamers are not appropriate for the bathtub.

Our Shower Steamers contain no fragrance oils, only essential oils, and menthol.


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