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Our Lemongrass Bath Bomb will give you the refreshing and uplifting experience of your most relaxing spa moments, but in the comfort of your own bath.

This unique bath bomb features 100% pure lemongrass essential oils, plant oils and epsom salts. We avoid all unnatural colorants, so the vibrant color in this bath fizzy comes from the turmeric we naturally infuse into our almond oil. Epsom salts relieve muscle aches and pains and aid you in the digestion of magnesium for muscle support. As a result, you may feel refreshed after a long run by using this therapy bomb while you bathe. You can also use the essential oils in it to tone and purify your skin. Lastly, this bath fizzy leaves behind a refreshing scent, and it naturally repels unwanted insects.

The ingredients in our lemongrass bath bomb are baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, almond oil infused with turmeric, lemongrass essential oil, water.

These bath bombs weigh 5.5 oz.

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