Grapefruit Fig Apothecary Jar Candle


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The GoodLight Apothecary Jar creates a beautiful amber glow when burning, and can be re-purposed after the candle has burned out. We like it for spices in the kitchen, travel size toiletries, and paper clips. 

The sweet and fruity Fig Grapefruit blend is our most popular scent. It’s like olfactory candy, really. A beautiful way to brighten any room or lighten any mood.


•Burn time: up to 20+ hours

•Size: 3 oz

•Dimensions: 2.5″ tall x 2.25″ wide

•Weight: 0.45 lb

 •Ingredients: 100% palm wax, cotton wick, and GoodLight’s blend of pure essential & botanical oils (derived from plants, extracted by cold-pressing, steam or vacuum distillation)


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