Cook Like Grandma – Foundational Cooking Series (Includes Three Classes)




When: April 19, May 3 and May 17 at 6:30 pm

Instructor: Becca Evenson

Cost: $25 for individual classes or $70 for the series. Register in the store or online. Please pre-register by April 16th.

Cook Like Grandma

Come harness your “inner Grandma” as you create wholesome, tasty food using fresh ingredients. For less than the cost of a night out, you will discover in a personalized setting how fun it can be to feed those you love.  You will prepare meals you can feel good about serving, and learn clever tips and tricks along the way. *No artificial additives, colors, or preservatives will be on the menu.

Foundations Cooking Series

When is a loaf of bread NOT a loaf of bread? (Click for individual class registration.)

We will make bread dough with whole grains, and learn how to bake a great loaf of bread. You then get to transform the same dough into a variety of other forms. The dough will become a scrumptious entrée, an accompaniment or two, and all along the way, you will learn the tricks to succeed with yeast and flour in your own kitchen.

Because man does not live by bread alone… (Click for individual class registration.)

There are so many wonderful grains out there, and a virtually unexplored world of legumes. Mouthwatering entrees, soups, sides, even a tasty, versatile dessert containing beans are easy to create. Come cook with me, and then amaze your family with your creations.

All I have is ingredients…and I need dinner. (Click for individual class registrations.)

How do you put on a meal without prepackaged food or take out? Does it require spending hours in the kitchen? NO! With a few basic ingredients, you can put flavorful, healthy meals on your table that are adaptable to your family’s tastes and preferences without  the need to slave over the stove all afternoon.


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