EcoFam Kid’s Silver Infused Toothbrush with Anti-Microbial Bristles


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Anti-Bacterial Silver

Same technology used in hospitals, Silver Infused bristles naturally eliminates 99% of bristle bacteria in 4 to 6 hours. Silver infused bristles are safe for use and remains effective for months, Be safe from almost 10 million bacteria that can live in your toothbrush for days

Micro Flossing Bristles

Soft Micro Flossing Bristles brush your teeth and floss at the same time. Soft/Fine Nylon Bristles that is tough on plaque yet gentle on gums. 1.5 micrometer bristle tips can reach hard to reach places between teeth and below the gum line

100% Biodegradable

Main contents plant starch, plant oil, and plant glue GMO-Free, annually renewable resources Reduces carbon usage by 80% compared to traditional plastic Polystyrene, Phthalate and BPA Free 100% Biodegradable Handle Plant Starch 80% of handle degraded in 14 months* Lasts the normal life of a toothbrush


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