Collagen Super Beauty Powder Blueberry Acai – 270 g


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Collagen Super Beauty

Who doesn’t want more youthful looking skin and better resistance to aging?† Collagen Super Beauty contains clinically studied and organically grown Holimel® French Melon extract, astaxanthin and vitamin C—ingredients proven to boost your skin’s elasticity and resistance to UVA- and UVB-related skin aging.

Collagen Super Beauty Benefits:

  • Clinically studied, organic Holimel® french cantaloupe melon
  • High source of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
  • Boosts the body’s natural antioxidant defenses preventing oxidative stress & inflammation
  • Proven efficacy against UV radiation side effects
  • Organic AstaPure® whole algae astaxanthin
  • Clinically studied to increase skin elasticity & decrease fine lines & wrinkles
  • UV-blocking properties, help skin protect itself against sun-related aging
  • Use in shakes, smoothies & in baking

Quick Overview:

  • Youthful skin & beautiful hair & nails
  • 10g grass-fed collagen
  • Probiotics – Bacillus Subtilis for enhanced digestion


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