Butcher’s Broom Root Extract 1 oz.


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  • NATURAL | Grown wild in nature, without any human intervention, our butcher’s broom root is carefully harvested with the best intentions of herbalism. Experience healing benefits from natural plants while committing to sustainability in an era of mass production.
  • HELPS VEINS CONTRACT | The various compounds in butcher’s broom root impact the inflammatory response and encourage blood to return to the heart by helping varicose veins to contract.
  • EASY TO TAKE | Easily add 20-30 drops of butcher’s broom root extract in a small amount of water, 3 times daily.
  • NO FILLERS | No fillers or chemicals. All ingredients are organic or natural when possible. With a base of 50% pure grain alcohol, you are getting the purest extract available.
  • NON-GMO | Always know what you are putting into your body. Harvested carefully, this butcher’s broom root extract is free of GMOs, which can be dangerous to your health and skin.

Product description

Specializing in Organic and natural herbs, we pride ourselves on getting you the freshest plant products that are responsibly curated with both your wellness and preservation of the earth in mind. As the demand for organic extract products has risen, natural are leading the way in gathering all-natural herbs needed for nutrition and health. Butcher’s broom root has been used throughout the world. This blood circulation supplement is a blood flow optimizer that can impact leg circulation. The compounds in butcher’s broom root impact the inflammatory response and encourage blood to flow back to the heart. Historically this root has been used to impact hemorrhoids and spider veins.

Herbal remedies can be harvested in many ways, from Commercial to Organic and natural. Have comfort knowing that Best Botanicals, a family-owned business, is committed to sourcing the highest-quality ingredients so you always know what you are adding to your body and life.


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