4 Kids Canker Sore Soothing Dots – 50 Tablets


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Does your child have braces? How about canker sores? Oral irritation and discomfort affect a lot of kids in the U.S. every day. Well, worry no more! Hyland’s is here to help with new 4 Kids Canker Sore Soothing Dots tablets, perfect for gentle pain relief of mouth sores and abrasions, without the burning or numbing your children hate. Our soft tablets dissolve quickly in their mouth for fast, soothing relief. This formula, developed especially for kids, uses three active, natural ingredients to bring symptom relief quickly! 

  • Relieves Mouth Sores and Ulcers
  • For Children Ages 2-12 Years
  • Safe and Gentle Formula 
  • All Natural Active Ingredients
  • No Belladonna, Benzocaine, Artificial Flavors, or Parabens


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