Herbal Scavenger Hunt

Seeking all adventurers who are looking for some close to home (Tooele) fun this summer.

Join us for Melanie's Herbal Scavenger Hunt.

This is a fun way for you and your family to learn about herbs this summer as you get out and look for the clues Melanie will be giving here. Prizes will be awarded to kids of ALL ages. Even the grownup kind.

Follow the instructions to gather up some herbs around town and we will have some fun prizes for all participants available at the store.

This is the second and final week of this activity. Find the herbs and bring them into the store for your prize.

That's right! each week there will be a prize for those who find and learn about the herbs for that week.

We will give clues to help you find them. Once you gather those herbs, bring them into the store and show us. And get your prize.

Happy hunting!

Week 2 (July 25 - 30)

To simpify your search be sure to tune into the clue section below.

Gather small samples of these two herbs and bring them into the store by July 30th, 2022 to get your prize.
Each person must bring their own set of the herbs to get a prize. 

Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus)

Gather a few of the rusty brown flowering tops to show us when you bring them into the store.

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Bring us a sample of a purple alfalfa flower or some alfalfa leaves.

Need a clue?

This is one place in Tooele where you can find both herbs this week.

If you can find them other places, that is great as well. But Melanie has personally been to what we like to call the Dinosaur Park and identified these herbs on the West boarder of the park in the weedy field.

The address for this park is:
602 W. Skyline Drive.

The Alfalfa is right along the West boarder where the grass ends. To find the Yellow Dock, follow the sidewalk on the Northwest corner and look to your left (South) where there is one lone Yellow Dock plant. There are some other small ones too if you watch. 

We are looking for a purple Alfalfa flower (or some leaves) and a sampling of the rusty, brown seed pods that form the flowery top of the Yellow Dock.

This week's prize (July 25th to 30th) when you bring both herbs into the store...

Choose which Solely Fruit Jerky you would like to try.
There are lots of fun, fruity flavors to choose from.